Finding Your Niche On Themeforest

When we decided to jump into creating ThemeForest templates there were several things our team had to consider before jumping in with both feet. We were thinking about focusing on some niche on Themeforest. So the first question we needed to answer was “who.”   Who did we want to design for? It’s a question […]

Our Take on Entering the ThemeForest Market

Sooner or later every team in the tech arena thinks about creating their own product, something of their own they can market and that will take the digital world by storm — we’re no different. We want to create products that span the depth of users who frequent the internet but it’s difficult to identify […]

Crowdfunding Website Development

What do you have in common with filmmakers, musicians, artists, and activists? It might not seem apparent on the surface but if you’ve considered crowdfunding for your website development project, you’re in good company!

Crowdfunding, that practice of raising funds for a project or venture by having many small donations from a large group of people via the internet, has taken off in recent years and increased in popularity thanks to pages like While GoFundMe is great if you’re an individual raising money for medical treatments or a vacation, it takes something a little more to garner the funds needed for a web development project.

Read on to learn about the history of crowdfunding, take a look at some recent trends and learn how this “low barrier to entry” process can help get your next project off the ground.


Why WordPress Support 24/7 is needed?

You worked late into the night to put the finishing touches on the newest features of your website. You know it is top quality, and you want it to be available at the beginning of the next work day. But when you click the button to save the changes, nothing happens, and the features on your site have not been updated. Unfortunately, it is now the middle of the night, and you will have to wait until the start of business to get help. This is when you ask yourself why you didn’t pay just a little extra to your designers and site maintenance provider to have round-the-clock WordPress support.